The YOT was Voted by Games Magazine best mechanical puzzle!


Introducing the new
18K Gold Collectible YOT!

The original CLASSIC YOT is now an 18k gold collectible with an antique silver dollar.

The YOT is a shiny gold disc that holds a US silver dollar coin. The challenge is to remove the coin without power tools. It relies on a fundamental law of physics - can you solve the YOT?   Hint: The secret is in the Sphinx. The solution requires logical thought, intuition and imagination.

YOTs Make Excellent
Brain Teaser Gifts

The new 18K gold YOT is a limited edition collector's YOT puzzle that comes with a collectible silver dollar made of pure silver.  THIS YOT IS THE ROLLS ROYCE OF YOT PUZZLES and due to the high price of gold we may never again be able to offer the puzzle at this price.  Get the collector's edition before they run out. Here's what people say:

"I tried magnets..."
says Teller of the Penn and Teller magicians.

"Help me! I want to get on with my life!" Roger Curran - Sherman Oaks, CA

"I was given the YOT as a gift. It does not open when I move it 3/4 right, 1/2 left, and 1/4 right. Perhaps the combination has been changed."
Martin Gardner - Hendersonville, NC

"When I see puzzles in stores I solve them there and put them back...but the YOT was different! After I solved it I couldn't stop thinking about it, I kept coming back to it - picking it up, holding it, feeling its weight, replaying the solution and finally taking it to the checkout counter."
Bruce Monson - Colorado Springs, CO (Chess Champion)


18K Gold Collectible YOT


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