Give Dad a YOT
For His Birthday.

The YOT was Voted by Games Magazine best mechanical puzzle!

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 YOT Sale

The YOT puzzle is a shiny metal disc that comes with a real US silver dollar. The challenge is to open the YOT and remove the coin without power tools. $39.95

Buy One YOT at $39.95 & Second YOT is $29.95

$10.00 Off Sale


It may look like the original YOT puzzle, but it's not. It's heavier and thicker, contains a US silver dollar, and most importantly, it's a different solution! $59.95


Classic North American BigFoot 5 1/2" figure mounted on Manzanita wood base.  Finely detailed.  Sculpture by motion picture artist Mark C. Wahlberg. Handpainted Polyresin.  First figure Collector's item. $25.00


CORPORATE TRAINING TOOL.   Stimulate your creativity with a good whack!! This deck of 64 cards is a CREATIVITY TOOL that helps stimulate original thought. Learn to think...outside the hedge. Release the creative genius inside. $16.00




IMPOSSIBLE ACROBATS. The SECRET is in the super magnets. CREATE YOUR OWN ART. $35.00


The Sound of Motion -- Doppler Effect CD captures the eerie sounds of things moving as detected by Doppler Effect microwave. Listen to the hidden sounds of nature and things. $29.00


CORPORATE TRAINING TOOL.  Roger von Oech whacks again, The Innovative Whack Pack offers just as much wisdom for business and leadership issues as his best-selling Creative Whack Pack. Featuring 60 all new creative thinking strategies.

Roger von Oech's innovative solutions have been a best-seller for almost a decade. Learn how to apply his classic wisdom to life situations today. $16.00



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